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  • A new oki-ni site means a new oki-ni DAILY. Find it here.

    A new oki-ni site means a new oki-ni DAILY. Find it here.

    MS001 - MS099

    Next week we will release mix 100 of our weekly MIX SERIES. Over two years of mixes have led us to this point and we’re pretty excited about our series reaching a century. We can also reveal that MS100 will be more than a bit special.

    Stay tuned.

    view MS001 - MS099

    On the Road

    In a new portrait series, Adrien Sauvage takes to the road with Yassin Bey (formerly known as the might Mos Def) to explore the word suit and Sauvage’s new autumn/winter collection.

    In this series of images, the duo - photographer and subject - document a journey from New Orleans to Houston, Texas, spent dodging Hurricane Issac and experiencing the unique and unpredictable events presented by the road. 

    shop A. SAUVAGE

    High Watermark

    Proving yet again that they are one of the most inventive, creative, and humorous brands around, Kenzo have just released a new AW ‘12 video that sends up the peculiar world of watermarked images and promotional videos.

    Whatever timeshare or pyramid scheme these guys are pushing, we want in.

    shop KENZO

    The Cutting Room

    Work hard and you shall be rewarded, or that’s the idea at least.

    Thankfully for the employees at New Balance's Cumbrian factory at Flimby, it is an idea that the company fully subscribes to, as they have just give three of their longest serving staff members the chance to design their own signature shoes, in celebration of thirty years of New Balance production at Flimby.

    The “Cutting Room” Pack marks thirty years of UK production with 3 unique styles, whose materials and features have been chosen by Andy, Billy, or Roy to suit thier interests.

    Read what the humble trio have to say about all of this below. You can also see each chaps signature shoe by clicking their name.

    Andy Mandle, employee of13 years.

    "It’s still hard to believe that we have shoes named after us. We just make the things. It’s nice to see New Balance think we’re that important to the process. I’m very proud."

    Billy Edgar, employee of 22 years.

    "I never thought it would happen to me in my lifetime. Shocked really but it just shows that if you work hard at something long enough, you too can excel."

    Roy Bell, employee of 28 years.

    "I feel very proud to be associated with a successful product."

    shop NEW BALANCE

    INCOMING: Bernhard Willhelm | Acne | Kenzo

    Autumn/winter rolls on at a pace.

    New Product live Tuesdays and Thursdays.


    10 Years of OC

    Happy Birthday to Opening Ceremony, who are 10 today.

    This charming Wes-Anderson-esque short charts the history of the brand, which began with the budding friendship of the two founders, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. Now the duo are the head of a retail empire and responsible for producing some of the most exciting clothing around. 


    shop KENZO

    Summer Santa

    Last season we saw the first fruits of the joint labour of Japanese collaborators master-piece and Nowartt, with master-piece providing the sturdy canvas upon which graphic design and print house Nowartt have created a variety of expressive prints.

    This season, the partnership really hits its stride, with another collection of playful prints that work to Nowartt’s chosen themes of peace, nature, and wildlife.

    And if you’ve always wondered what good old St. Nick gets up to during the off season, Nowartt provides the answer with a print called “Summer Santa” that shows Father Christmas and his reindeer enjoying some well deserved R&R.

    You can see that backpack here, and a range of other prints from Nowartt’s website below.


    INCOMING: White Mountaineering | Master Piece | Bernhard Willhelm

    New deliveries from Japan and the weird and wonderful world of Bernhard Willhelm. Products are set to go live today and early next week.



    For our latest SYLED shoot, Animalistic, we had a bit of fun in the studio. After some painting and hammering to build the set the plants arrived from Nicky Doodson Flowers, turning a corner of our studio into a set from the 1995 dice-based adventure romp, Jumanji. Luckily that was as far as the comparison went and no one in the studio was hunted by a mustached big game hunter sporting a pith helmet.

    Here are a few more outtakes from our Animalistic shoot. And before you ask: no, we didn’t get to keep the plants.


    Thousand Loaded Guns

    This week our MIX SERIES plays host to Swedish starlet Karin Park.

    Karin’s mix is a sensual soundtrack for the long Scandinavian nights, or, as she describes it: “a magic mix for deeply bent knees”. We can’t say fairer than that.

    You can see Karin on her UK tour, which is already underway, and her latest single, Thousand Loaded Guns, is out now, accompanied by this video in which Karin tries her hand at a little DIY.

    With skills like that we should get her into the oki-ni studio to design a set for our next shoot.

    play MS094 - SEXUAL by Karin Park

    Shut Up and Play the Hits

    Last night a large proportion of the oki-ni team decamped to the Greenwich Picturehouse to watch Shut Up and Play the Hits, the barnstorming new documentary charting the final curtain call of of James Murphy’s generation defining band, LCD Soundsystem.

    Most of us grew up listening to LCD and therefore we admit that our opinion of the films is completely partisan. That said, we can’t recommend SUAPTH (as it shall now be called) enough. A head-scratcher and a foot-stomper, the filmmakers have made a documentary that is inherently cinematic, and also found a way to film a show in a natural an unobtrusive way, which we’ve never seen before.

    Kenzo x Vans

    We posted a few weeks ago about how excited we were by the news of the collaboration between Kenzo and Vans. Well now that excitement has turned into full-blown euphoria as the first delivery of Kenzo x Vans are now sitting in our studio.

    If you’re as worked up as we are just try and contain yourself. The first batch will be going live this Thursday, with the second set following on 25th (the international release date).

    In the meantime, you can work yourself into a frenzy by watching this jazzy video, produced by Kenzo.

    shop KENZO


    Don’t call it a comeback, until you’ve heard the XX’s sophomore album, Coexist, in full.

    Stream it here.

    INCOMING: Norse Projects | Acne | Nudie + more

    Scandinavian madness next week, with product going live on Tuesday morning.


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